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When I was a college kid, a spring break trip was one of the highlights of the whole year. It was our chance to get

When I was a college kid, a spring break trip was one of the highlights of the whole year. It was our chance to get away from everything – from school, from parents, from tests, and from the pressures to grow up and decide what we were going to do with our lives. The spring break locations didn’t matter that much. They were always somewhere warm with plenty of beaches and beautiful girls all around. One year, we got to go snorkeling on our spring break trip. Another year, we went to Jamaica and got to go hiking up in the mountains. Most of the time, however, we would do what college kids everywhere do on spring break trips: we would drink and party like we had never partied before.

Now that I’ve gotten a little bit older, I want different things for my spring break trip. No longer am I concerned with finding the best spots to become completely debauched. Instead of partying, I want to take in the sun and enjoy the local sights a little bit.

I’ve gone on a different spring break trip basically every year, but I think my favorite was last year. We found a great discount on a spring break cruise, a last-minute booking arrangement that allowed us to take a luxury tour for a fraction of the normal price. The spring break trip had everything included in the package. I never had a package holiday vacation deal before, but I intend to use them again in the future. The package included cheap airline tickets, a discount holiday cruise, and even breaks on hotel accommodations if we wanted to extend the vacation by a week (which we didn’t).

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I think what I liked so much about that spring break trip was that it really allowed me to relax. I’ve always loved the ocean more than anything else, and being on a boat let me get all the ocean I wanted. We got to stop at a few islands on the way, and explore a little bit as well. That was fun, of course, but for me the best part was just feeling the waves gently rocking the boat and looking off at the horizon. With all of my spring break trips, I’ve still never experienced anything like that before. I’m definitely going to go on a cruise again next time I get the chance!

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