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Maciej Kwiatkowski, President of Centralwings

Maciej Kwiatkowski has always been keen on aviation.
He wrote his master’s thesis on civil aviation at the Foreign Trade Department of SGPiS – Warsaw School of Planning and Statistics (now the Warsaw School of Economics). Following his passion, his first job was at PLL LOT where, along with a group of young enthusiasts, he created an Atlantic route from Warsaw to New York. He represented LOT in the US from 1974 to 1978 as the publicity and public relations manager.
In 1978 he returned to Poland, where he became a member of the team preparing the special flight for John Paul II from Cracow to Rome in 1979. Together with the managing director of LOT he had the honour of participating in this historic flight. As part of his work with PLL LOT he created a board magazine called “Kaleidoscope”.
In 1982, after half a year interned in Białołęka, he emigrated to the US. He started his American adventure working for Trans World Airlines as a supervisor for cargo operations at Kennedy Airport in New York, and finished it in 1990 as Manager of Airport Services in Amsterdam. He returned once more to Poland, this time as Pan American’s director for Poland, and then in 1992 he switched to Delta Airlines to become Sales Director. At Pan Am he created a huge sales network by inviting travel agencies acting in Poland to cooperate. He left when Delta started withdrawing from Poland.
In 1995 he took a break from the aviation business and from scratch created that modern optical giant – Vision Express Polska. He was the first president of the company in Poland, but later he decided to turn back to his beloved business. For many years he was occupied by the issues and consultancy of low budget flights.
When he dreams – it is only about planes. He claims that his addiction to aviation is incurable and he has already stopped fighting it. He loves people, animals (especially his two dachshunds Coco and Kare) and nature. When he has time, he plays tennis, rides his bicycle, or swims. During his studies he played basketball and was captain of the Warsaw School of Planning and Statistics team. He is also a soccer fan.

Waldemar Wysowski,Sales Director, Member of the Board

Sales Director at Centralwings. Until 1993 he worked as a marketing consultant, implementing new business projects, while for the last few years he has worked in the Internet sector.
His career in airlines dates back to the beginning of 2005. He is a visionary; he does not limit himself by routine nor blindly follow beaten tracks. Always looking for new solutions, he is not a man for easy projects; therefore he was more than glad to participate in the creation of a cheap Polish airline. He believes that he is working on the biggest future venture of its kind in Central Europe.
Wysowski says: a good plan is crucial; all the rest is “merely” professional “delivery”. A 38-year-old man with his wife Małgorzata and daughter Julia at home. Wysowski is a happy man.

Marek Bernatek, Financial Director

He is the financial director at Centralwings. Earlier, i.e. since 1995, he worked in the private equity sector, identifying projects and carrying out due diligence analyses; he structured transactions and monitored companies in the fund’s portfolio.
In recent years he collaborated with consulting agencies, worked for the largest bakery in Poland, and worked on a project for the biofuel sector.
He found himself in the aviation sector in the autumn of 2004. Having tired of routine work, he now seeks new projects and challenges. His work at Centralwings is the perfect chance for participating in the creation of a new quality, of something unique.
He is married to Agnieszka and is the father of Julia. No matter how tired and stressed he is, his family’s company allows him to regenerate and regain his peace of mind. He believes he doesn’t give enough attention to his beloved..

Andrzej Dąbrowski, Technical Director

He started his aviation career in Polish Airlines Lot as a technologist in the Technical Documentation Department. During his six years there he was first promoted to the position of the section manager and then he worked as an instructor in the departments of technical and safety training. At the same time he was a teacher in ZSZ.
In the Polish Airlines LOT he was the Quality Inspector at the Quality Monitoring and Audit Department. Before joining Centralwings, he worked for the Air Polonia airline first as a director of the Quality Department and then as a manager of the Technical Department.
He is a graduate of the faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology. His wife’s name is Anna and they have a daughter Paulina and a son Tomek. In his free time he travels and enjoys sports, especially football and cycling.

Andrzej Kobielski, Network Director

Since the beginning of his career he has worked for Polish Airlines LOT. In 1997 he began working in the Sales Department in the charter flight section. He was responsible for market analyses, cost calculation and sales plans.
Already in 2001 he became the manager at the Strategy and Planning Department, and a year later the Planning and Marketing Department manager. He has graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology, as well as Berlin University of Technology, where he specialized in airline management. He also completed a post graduate safety management studies.
He is fluent in four languages (English, German, Czech, and Russian). He is 34. He likes classical and pop music. In his spare time he enjoys meeting his friends.

Agnieszka Kudła, Marketing Director

Today she is the Head Marketing Manager at Centralwings, she previously worked at the same post in a telecom company.
“New challenges which require maximum commitment – that is it for me!” – she says.
Both in life and in business her main rule is “be soft with people but be hard with issues”, which enables her to act and react with optimum efficiency without spoiling her relationships with others.
In her private life, although she devotes a vast part of her energy to work, she does her best to keep enough “power” for family life. If “nothing happens”, she “gets bored – period”.

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